Thursday, June 18, 2009


The end of the school year is way too busy. I've been writing exams, grading exams, and grading essays forever, and still have a mountain of stuff to do. THEN I get to clean my room/desk. This will be a momentous occasion. I shall report back when the battle is done. DON'T FIRE TILL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR...RESEARCH PAPERS!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Totally mesmerized and a bit freaked by what is going on in Iran. I just keep this what should have happened in the US 8 years ago?

To be specific, I am mesmerized by the passion of these people. Not just protesting, but fighting for what they believe in. In America, we can become so apathetic to the workings of our government and had become so used to being screwed over, that even the peaceful protests which occured were considered to be full of "radicals." Maybe it just felt that way in my little wreck of a house in Blacksburg. I know I wish I had been in the scrum in DC on inauguration day 8 years ago, that's for sure.

The death toll is scary. Any death toll is scary. If it was falsified election results, what is going to keep the govt. there from killing more people to hold onto their place?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Update to the Galaxy Hut Post

Just so you know (and by 'you' i mean no one), on my last visit to the Hut, I was greeted with a pleasant and joyful surprise. The bartender, Nick, remembered me by first name. I'm officially a regular at my favorite bar!

How attractive are me and my work friends at prom?! Seriously, we make teaching look good.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This also gives me hope in humanity!


I am really moved by this photograph from the Iran protests. According to, this is an injured Iranian police officer being helped out of the mele by a protestor. Humanity, people. IT EXISTS.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shooting at the Holocaust Museum

I don't like how I feel right now. Its a familiar feeling.

As news broke about the shooting at VT two years ago, I found myself sitting at my desk in my classroom, furiously hitting refresh, freaking out, praying my friends were ok. I'm doing much the same thing as I try to find news about the museum shooting, and the feeling is the same: loneliness.

Its a lonely feeling, and vulnerable, and angry, and I hate it. Powerless to do anything, scared of what could have been, and angry that it happened.

As I said on Twitter: I'm so tired of violence.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fly with me, Lesbian Seagull

Today I flew to Florida to visit my parents. Jeremy (the brother) and I decided to knock out a Mother's/Father's Day trip all at one time. Several birds, two stones, it works.

My seat was in the very back of the plane, sharing a row with a very quiet 19-ish red-head girl and a weird looking late 30's early 40's guy with a Bronx accent and a fanny pack. Oh yeah, you read that correct: FANNY PACK.

The first thing that sticks out about this guy is how friendly he's being to the girl. Incredibly friendly. Too friendly. He's either very polite...or mildly mentally challenged. Come to find out he's just super awkward and possibly an online predator.

As we land and are waiting to exit the plane, the guy starts questioning this girl. What does she do, where's she from, who's she flying with. She giggles uncomfortably like a 5-year-old and answers trying to be nice. I am squirming wishing I could run away from this episode of "To Catch a Predator." He asks her things like "Oh she's your twin? Do you go to school together? Same dorm? Oh you have a house? I bet you have parties all the time huh? heeheehee" GAVOMIT. I AM GAGGING AND VOMITTING.

Then it happens: he brings up Myspace. "Oh I bet you and your sister write on your Myspaces all the time! 'I love my sister, can't live without her! you mind If I add your page?" He slides this last comment in so creepily I literally physically cringed. Not just my face; my entire body cringed. His tone changed immediately from joking to a yearning request. I rolled up the magazine I was holding and started wringing it to pieces in my hands. I COULD NOT HANDLE WHAT WAS OCCURING. THE AWKWARD WAS SUFFOCATING ME.

The kicker? SHE GAVE UP THE INFO. At least it sure sounded legit. Dude pulls out a pen and starts jotting down her name! She told him her full last name! He asked for an email address! She gave it to him! THIS WAS NOT A FIRST DATE. SHE WAS YOUNG TINY AND ATTRACTIVE. HE WAS WAY OVERWEIGHT, BALDING, CREEPY, SLEEZY, AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT HIM THAT WAS GOOD. YOU ARE AN IDIOT GIRL!!!

I let her out of the row first and blocked the aisle so he couldn't follow her. She was with several people when she got off the plane, so I didnt' feel like I needed to guard her.

Seriously. WTF. I need a shower. A "Crying Game" shower.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

To Dwindle, To Dissapear

Ok not really. For the last 2-3 months I've been trying a "lifestyle change." And no, kids, not that kind of lifestyle. The female gender is still the only one I'll let drive me insane, thanks.

What I mean is that for the first time ever, I'm trying to be...healthy. Its such a stupid move. For the last few years though, I've been sort of living the life of a barnacle on dry land. Barnacle living is not good for the human body or soul.

Therefore, I've been paying attention to what food and drink I put in my body, and have been more...again I hate this Riding a bike (already wrecked it once but friggin' love it), playing basketball, and all-in-all attempting to be less of a crustacean.

Are barnacles crustaceans? Here's Hoping.

PS I'm down 15 pounds. Who knew. If nothing else It'll make me faster behind my drum kit!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Night at Galaxy Hut

As a steady stream of well dressed twenty-somethings stroll down Wilson street to get to Whitlows, Clarendon Ballroom, or any of the other seemingly endless, copy-cat bars in the Clarendon-Courthouse area, I often catch them eyeing the possibilities of a different type of night.

I sit in the booths at the Galaxy Hut and watch them squint, trying to see past the bright half-sun in the window. I love seeing this, as it reminds me that I too once lived unaware of the joys lying beyond the cardboard-cutout letters.

These joys I'm coveting, even hoarding, are simple. A good (but not perfect) jukebox. A huge selection of new-to-you beer. Strange art hanging on the walls. Video game tables in the corner. A red silo (compliments of Dreamo's) parked at the end of the alleyway patio. Simple, yet oddly elegant at the right time of night.

The name of my blog (Control the Jukebox) is a statement of fact I coined after several nights at this fine establishment. The full phrase goes something like "Control the Jukebox, control the night." Trademarks, copyrights, and full ownership belongs to yours truly, suckers. It'll be an album title one day.

The best nights in the Hut are ones spent controlling the jukebox. We play all the songs we'd be singing off key if we didn't have the real thing to guide us home. We argue each other's choices as if we could ever come to any understanding. We toast to shared memories and mourn lost chances to make new ones.

If we didn't, we'd be at the beck and call of someone else's dreams, their feelings of loss, of hope springing anew...

and that's what the Galaxy Hut means to me: making it whatever you want. A strange new place. A pillow you lay your head on at the bottom of a bottle. A fluke. A masterpiece.

My favorite hole-in-the-wall.