Friday, May 29, 2009

Did I really create this?

That title is not a fancy subconscious-laden rumination on the nature of ownership. It is simply me trying to figure out if I really want to start a blog.

I had a Livejournal for a few years. Its entries were, as Livejournals tend to be, completely self-absorbed, weepy, and all-in-all "emo" as the kids say these days.

So, if I’m starting one of these, its important for me to decide if I have something of value to offer the world! I have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Shouldn't that be enough to contain my exhibitionist/voyeuristic urges?!?

I do think that being a teacher in 2009 provides a certain amount of hilarity and thought-provoking situations to bring to light, which may serve as enough ammunition to get me started.

I mean...I just signed a year book with "Have a Great Summer." Who else gets to end their work week that way?

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